Advocacy and Legal Aid for Religious Minorities

Alarm Project is to promote freedom of religion and belief in Pakistan
through legal assistance and advocacy, especially in support of
Religious Minorities

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Freedom of Religion

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Religion Minorities

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The Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) are implementing a project titled Advocacy and Legal Aid for Religious Minorities (ALARM). The project has two main components: (i) the provision of legal aid to religious minorities and (ii) advocacy for freedom of religion and belief (FORB) at the national level…..

We Work For

As mentioned above, HRCP initiated the provision of legal services to religious minorities through AGHS…

AGHS conducted two prison visits in two cities, namely to Central Jail, Multan and Central Jail, Lahore. AGHS provided on-the-spot legal assistance and …

During the reporting period, two PIL cases were filed by HRCP through AGHS. The first PIL, advocating for the protection of a place of worship and religious …


HRCP initiated the provision of legal services to religious minorities through AGHS. During the reporting period total 47 cases initiated through AGHS.

Distribution of Court Cases by Type

Court Cases

Success Stories

Remembering the Extraordinary Life

of Pakistani Human Rights Lawyer & Activist Asma Jahangir

Qazi Sajjad Akbar

A lady with a cause. I remember she was the first who stood up against Martial Law. Always challenged the oppressing authorities- in uniform or civil.

Imad Khan

Personalities like her,save their countrymen in most critical and disastrous times whereas leaders who are fighting for power,seek safe havens with considerable percent of security personnel.

Munsif Akhtar

What a honest and courageous lady Asma Jahangir is. I salute and admire her for what she is doing for Pakistan.

Chaudhary Naveed

What a great human being we lost, a mother of lawyers, a mother of social activist, champion of democracy, defender of hopeless and poor people across the board and above all voice of the voiceless people. Rest in peace Asma Jahangir, you will be alive in our hearts for long and in the history for ever…

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