Prison visits & services

AGHS conducted two prison visits in two cities, namely to Central Jail, Multan and Central Jail, Lahore. AGHS provided on-the-spot legal assistance and support by signing the ‘power of attorney’ (appeals for convicted prisoners in higher courts) and preparation of documentations of case histories of prisoners, including those under trial and those who have been convicted. Based on the data collected from the jails visits, AGHS is expected to take necessary legal action in each case of convicted prisoners and provide relief to these prisoners in the coming months.

AGHS conducted two prison visits in two cities, namely to Central Jail, Multan and Central Jail, Lahore. At Multan Jail, of 23 minority prisoners all whom belonged to the Christian community, 10 were convicted and 13 were under trial. ALARM team members met with all of them. Seven of the convicted prisoners signed ‘power of attorney’ so that AGHS lawyers could provide them with legal assistance and represent them in the Supreme Court. Of the 23 minority prisoners, 16 alleged that they faced discrimination based on their religious affiliation during investigations at police stations and in prison. As per their statement; The ALARM Team took the case histories of the rest of the 16 prisoners.

At Central Jail Lahore, of 150 minority prisoners all of whom belonged to the Christian community, 29 convicted prisoners and 11 under-trial inmates signed ‘power of attorney’ and requested the team to provide them with legal assistance. AGHS filed 33 bail petitions that were registered for the 11 under-trial inmates. Twelve of these bail petitions were decided in May while 20 were decided in June, 2018. Only one (1) bail petition is pending. Likewise, in case of the 29 convicted prisoners, appeals of 13 are pending in the Lahore High Court while 16 are pending in the Supreme Court. AGHS is pursuing their cases at both of the higher courts.

In addition, ‘power of attorney’ of 10 convicted inmates will be filed in their appeals pending in Lahore High Court. At the Supreme Court, AGHS has sent ‘power of attorney’ of 5 inmates to Central Jail, Lahore along with “performas” to be filled and verified by the Jail officials. Each ‘power of attorney’ will be filed in the Supreme Court to contest the appeals of the 5 convicted inmates.